Orion Bard

Orion Bard is a Spiritual Master, Clairvoyant and Shamanic Healer with over 23 years of cultivation and experience. A Software Engineer, business and team leader and Physicist who has worked with the Resonance Project Foundation (RPF) by trade, his deeper love has always been finding paths to optimal healing and facilitating the growth and success of the people around him. Orion is an incredible teacher because he can explain nearly anything about the deeper spiritual laws and fundamentals of how the universe works and what your personal role and purpose is within the grand scheme of the worlds we live in with patience and attunement.

Orion’s Bio

Orion has been a software engineer for major corporations and his own startups; a unified field physicist at leading edge physics institutes; a consultant for building new technologies including zero point energy devices; and a designer of high powered trading systems for Forex markets. Still most of his learning and training has been guided by Spirits from birth and the Cosmos itself through revelation in deep communion and practice with the divine. He is intelligent in both heart and mind.

After graduating from Caltech, one of the most elite technical universities on scholarship, Orion began his spiritual journey by training for years as a Clairvoyant 23 years ago and went on to study Matrix Energetics, Hellinger Systemic and Family Constellations, Sacred Geometry, Shamanic Healing, Psychology, Massage, and working with and channeling Ascended Masters. He is certified in Clairvoyant Healing, Matrix Energetics, SQ Wellness Rising Star and Prema Agni spiritual systems. He combines Spiritual Counseling with Systemic and Somatic Therapy and Shamanic and Clairvoyant methods and insights. Orion also went on a 99% raw foods diet for 12 years and found it to be amazingly cleansing and supportive to his health as well as to the further development of his spiritual and psychic gifts.